Egon Willighagen and the Blue Obelisk

I mentioned I was acting as Egon Willighagen’s promoter here is his report of being awarded a doctorate:

T plus 51 hours: a short photo impression

I normally do not do these kinds of blog items, but, in reply to Christoph’s blog, here’s an overview of the ceremony (see also T-26 and T+18):

Egon thoroughly deserves this. His thesis is an excellent overview of chemometrics and chemoinformatics (since everything was done in public I can say this as all the opponents praised Egon).
Egon is, of course, a major figure in the Blue Obelisk and an uncompromising defender of Open Source and Open Data. So it was no surprise that several members of the Blue Obelisk (including Christoph Steinbeck and Stefan Kuhn) met at the reception:
And, here (map) was the dinner in the evening:

We took time to discuss current status and future plans. We now have a good range of software and it’s increasing steadily. The main obstacle is data and we talked about ways of liberating it from the literature using data- and text-mining approaches for compounds and spectra such as NMR and IR. These are increasingly well reported technically so that it is feasible to create a repository of data from the literature. This mirrors what we have done in CrystalEye…

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