Open Data in Science (pod and vodcasts)

Margaret Henty (ANU) has done a very professional job of collecting the material (of several media types from the APSR 2008 meeting in Brisbane:

APSR is pleased to announce that podcasts and vodcasts of Open Access Collections held in Brisbane on February 14 are now available at the following url.
Because vodcast files are very large, they are available in parts (for those with bandwidth issues) and in total (for those in bandwidth plenty). 
Thanks are due to the team of technicians who made this all possible.
Margaret Henty
National Services Program Coordinator
Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories
W. K. Hancock Building (#43)
The Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, 0200, AUSTRALIA
phone 61 2  6125 7685    mob. 0404 878 442
fax 61 2 6125 5526 

I haven’t yet finished downloading, and I’m pleased / scared to see what I actually looked like and said.
Because my presentations have live demos it is difficult to capture them on traditional slide media so I rely on occasional videos of the event. So many thanks to Margaret (and for a great time in Australia).

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