Thank you to hosts in Australia

Just got back from a fantastic 3.5 weeks in Australia where so many people looked after us so well. I’m more or less gutted (ended up with 7 presentations, all somewhat different, and a lot of discussions). It’s really helped me firm up ideas on Data Repositories (the Monash group – and ARCHER, ANDS, gave up most of a day to listen and talk). I like what they are developing as a Data Repository – a bit-store with different access technologies overlaying it (File system, SVN, SRB, etc.) We didn’t have time to explore details and I’d like to know more.
We’ve found several groups interested in data capture in chemistry and crystallography using SPECTRa and I’ll be debriefing to Jim Downing  on the train to Bath (yes, leave at 0645 for an all day meeting on eCrystals with Simon Coles). Gets rid of the jet lag – simply transforms it into exhaustion which is easier predict.

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