Travel update

I’m now in ANSTO – Australia’s (deliberately) lone reactor, hosted by Alison Edwards. Alison and Graham Heath have looked after me and Judith fantastically over the last few days, at Wollongong and elsewhere. I’m talking on “The Semantic Web abd Physical Science” and this is a great chance to try out ideas about the differences between “big science” and “longtailed science” (Jim Downing’s phrase).
Peter Sefton has blogged about the details of the ICE work in Toowoomba (Cyclone Peter Murray-Rust moves away from Toowoomba. Cleanup continues.)

Last week we hosted Peter Murray-Rust in Toowoomba. The ICE team have been busy getting ready for some other visitors, so I have not had time to write about the visit. Peter has blogged about his stay a few times, describing it as intensive talk and hacking. Intensive indeed.

PMR: We are now committed to trying out ICE for blogging (Using Ron’s adaptor) and moving to theses. More later.
Off to Sydney tonight. If anyone wants to get in touch for the p.m. please email or comment on the blog

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3 Responses to Travel update

  1. Black Knight says:

    Mat Todd just emailed me about your seminar tomorrow. Unfortunately I’ll be out at lunch (and subsequently down the pub, most likely) for a colleague who’s leaving. Shame to have missed you.
    bk (aka rpg)

  2. Glen Newton says:

    I am keen to hear the definition and implications of “longtailed science”.

  3. pm286 says:

    (2) will blog as soon as I have time

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