APE 2008

I’m off the the APE meeting in Berlin: APE 2008 “Quality and Publishing”, which asks some questions:

  • What do we really know about publishing?
  • Is ‘Open Access’ a never ending story?
  • Will there be a battle between for-profit and non-for-profit publishing and who will be the survivors?
  •  Which is the best peer review system in the public interest?
  • What does impact mean in times of the Internet?
  • What are the plans of the European Commission for digital libraries, access and dissemination of information?
  • Will libraries become university presses or repositories?
  •  How efficient is ‘OA’ in terms of information delivery?
  •  What are the full costs of information?
  •  Business models versus subsidies?
  •  What is the future role of books and reference works?
  •   How important are local languages?
  •  Which kind of search engines do we all need?
  •  What about non-text and multi media publications?
  •  Which models for bundling and pricing will be accepted?
  •  What makes publications so different?
  •  Why are some journals in a defined subject field much more successful than other journals?
  •  How important is the role of editors and editorial boards?
  •  What education and training is required?
  •  What skills are needed?
  •  Barrier-free information: do we provide sufficient access for the visually impaired?

I often sit at the back and blog so maybe I’ll give some answers. OTOH the hotel offers Internet for a price of 10 EUR/hour so maybe I won’t be able to post anything. (From what I can see Germany is one of the worst countries for charging for casual internet time – can’t we initiate some “Open Access”?)

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  1. I’m interested to hear some of the answers that may pop up at the meeting. Please keep us posted.

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