Did I write this paper???

I just looked for one of my papers using Google (not Google Scholar) and found :
(Click to enlarge)
Hmm – don’t remember publishing something in “Cheminform” in  2005? I normally check who my co-authors are before they send a paper off. And I hope they would as well. Moreover these are my immediate colleagues?
So I look for the PDF (under 8K) to make sure what I have written, and get:
What on earth is going on? I have authored a paper I don’t know about with a “PDF” that makes no sense with a publisher that I haven’t engaged with
What’s going on? I think I know and if I’m right I’m unhappy about it. But I’d like your comments first

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4 Responses to Did I write this paper???

  1. Huh? Do you mean to say you have not participated in writing the paper “Experimental Data Checker: Better Information for Organic Chemists”? Or is it just Saturday morning…

  2. Chris Rusbridge says:

    I think they have screwed up! The HTML link gets to something with the Experimental Data Checker title, but the full text is empty. The PDF link gets the Iodide effects title… and nothing else. The references link lists only the Experimental Data Checker title, ie the only reference is itself, but cited from Org. Biomol. Chem. , 2004, 2, 3067-3070. Google Scholar finds the latter.
    Somewhere in Wiley’s complex processes something has gone badly wrong! I guess they were trying to abstract your Org Biomol Chem paper, and just completely screwed up!

  3. pm286 says:

    (2) Chris, you are right. This is another example of normal incompetence from the publisher community. But that’s not my main point, which is making me very upset. I’ll cover it in the next post

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