Digital Curation Conference (DCC) Washington

I’m in Washington for a JISC NSF meeting on Friday. Originally I thought I would have to have missed the Digital Curation Conference but due to a change of plans am now able to attend (Wed and Thursday). Since I have no commitments (other than dinner, and meeting collaborators) I may be able to blog some of the meeting. I don’t know how many bloggers there are – I have found it varies wildly between meetings – about a hundred for www2007 and only me for berlin5.
[NOTE Added later: Chris Rusbridge has asked for the tag IDCC3 to be used . Thanks Chris.]

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  1. Chris Rusbridge says:

    Could you tag with IDCC3? Your tag may be better, but I’ve already asked in 2 separate places for this tag to be used. I hope you enjoy it.

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