CML/MathML and OpenStreetmap in Bremen

I haven’t posted much because I’m in Bremen (DE) working with Michael Kohlhase on the integration of CML and MathML into scientific publications. We’re hoping to come up with some guidelines shortly.
Last tie I was here I got lost because I didn’t realise Bremen was strung out like pearls along the River Weser and many 10’s of km long. So this time I asked Google for a map of Bremen and was delighted to find Bremen – OpenStreetMap

Free map of Bremen
OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under the OpenStreetMap License
OpenStreetMap is one of the great ideas for liberating data. Lots of volunteers produce bits of maps by various means – GPS on cycle couriers is one of the most exciting OpenStreetMap | Public GPS traces tagged with Bremen worth seeing the animated images.

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