Liz Lyon on Open Science

We’ve worked closelyn with Liz Lyon for some time – an advisory role on SPECTRa and now we are partners in the eCrystals Program. She’s posted an impressive set of slides on hundreds of things happening in the data- and knowledge- revolution – eScience of cyberscholarship. There’s a lot on chemistry – Drexel, Soton – We’re pleased to get honourable mentions for some of our projects:  Open Science and the Research Library: Roles, Challenges and Opportunities?  The keynote address (slide presentation) at the Directors’ Meeting of the Association of Research Libraries in Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 2007.
One example is the archib=ving of the web = Liz gives this blog as an example – “The Wayback Machine”. It doesn’t get everything by a long way, but it’s a start

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