Urgent action need to support the NIH bill

Peter Suber has written at length (Urgent action need to support the NIH bill)
The provision to mandate OA at the NIH is in trouble.  Late Friday, just before the filing deadline, a Senator acting on behalf of the publishing lobby filed two harmful amendments, one to delete the provision and one to weaken it significantly.  We thought we’d done everything and only had to wait for the Senate vote.  But now we have to mobilize once more, and fast, to squash these amendments.  Here an announcement from the Alliance for Taxpayer Access:
The immediate message is that all US citizens should spend time today or Monday emailing their representative.
People sometimes wonder why I get overly angry on this blog. This is why. Yes, it’s legal. But it represents the power that money has over the future of the information revolution. Perhaps I exaggerate but it should have all of the moral force of the struggle against unacceptable ownership of labour.
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