Video of Paul Miller's talk at Unilever Centre

Nico Adams has very kindly video'ed Paul Miller's talk here and uploaded the result to Google. The original video is 15 GB so Nico has reduced it to 1 GB using iMovie. You can see the result on his blog:

The Semantic Web of Data

Note that Google reduces it further (to ca 256 MBytes) so the Google replay is rather pixellated. However the download is of higher quality. Paul, if you want the raw video (15GB) contact Nico.


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2 Responses to Video of Paul Miller's talk at Unilever Centre

  1. Paul Miller says:

    Peter - scary! :-)

    And yes, I'd like the higher res copy if possible...


  2. Paul Miller says:

    Peter - forgot to mention... your link to Nico is missing part of the address. Should be

    (and feel free to delete this comment!)

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