Four theses and a repository

I’ve been advocating that all theses should be deposited in institutional repositories under CC-BY licences, and here’s an interlude with 4 I have personal knowledge of. I’m keeping the authors secret, although those in the know will identify some.
ONE is from someone I have supervised. They have submitted their thesis and are awaiting a viva. I shouldn’t comment publicly on its quality even though I am not an examiner. But we are both keen to see the thesis under OA – the question is what to do with the data – ca 15 GB of computation. Is the repository the right place for it?
TWO is from someone I know well who has also submitted their thesis. It’s in a University which already has a tradition of Open Access in their IR. Although it’s not in a field I can claim expertise (music and AI) I think it deserves widespread visibility.
THREE is someone I examined recently at another University. I can’t publicly say what we recommended for the candidate, but at least we had a drink afterwards. I broached the subject of Open Access and the candidate was excited – they want the world to know what they have done. So I have written to the University and although this is not an established routine I got an encouraging reply.
FOUR was written many years ago on manual typewriters (sic) and several carbon papers. I think physical copies still remain. So I wondered if the author of FOUR might wish to see his thesis digitised [1] and made open access. Should I suggest he writes to his alma mater? If he can get his act together.
[1] Institutions such as Caltech have been retrospectively digitising their theses – see for example this one.

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