berlin 5: plenary 1

Random snippets:

  • Fred Friend (original Berlin-1 signatory), now JISC and honorary Univ. College London… Need to go to GOLD OA asap. JISC will not massively fund this in the future (it has done quite a lot so far) but will encourage Research Councils, etc to fund through FullEconomicCosts (FEC). Need a lot of advocacy. Also persuading publishers to use licence to publish rather than copyright.
  • Jens Vigen, CERN. OA culture is FIFTY years old. BUT… researchers don’t get excited about “Operational Circular 6”. Repositories aren’t working – head of physics didn’t know there was one. Capture 0% of theoretical papers, 10% of theses , 90% of experimental papers. Theorists want to submit to arXiv, not CERN. Theses (PMR: my pet love) has 30% if the author is mailed. “ensuring Green, promoting gold”. Recovering old papers (from 10000+), hunting for theses, promoting OA journals, encouraging OA for conferences, and preparing SCOAP (later talk) – their OA publishing
  • (JV) Top scientists IGNORE LIBRARIANS. Any return MUST be immediate. Authors are glad to deposit theses because of preservation.
  • GIVE THE SCIENTISTS WHAT THEY WANT: TagCrowd shows search, access publication …
  • Institutional and subject repositories go hand in hand. Some publishers are friendly. In order to be discovered publishers have strong interest to feed subject repositories
  • Subbiah Arunchalam (India). Some very good science, some OK, some bad. Many graduates unemployable. Reserach performance far below potential. Poor libraries (due to cost), Dissemination strategy also poor (3500 journals, many not subscribed to in India so work is not known). OA is best solution.
  • SA: Scientists are afraid of publishers. Academies are ready to act, slow to move. No, So… forging alliance with CC, Cream of Indian Science, CSIR to set up IRs, webometrics research to start. Get students and the Left interested – this will make large and powerful lobby for OA.
  • Hiroya Takeuchi. “R and D based on “catching up with the West”. Japan is second only to US in productivity of publications. But impact is lower. 300 million USD on subscriptions.
  • HT: OA has never been seriously discussed. No signatories on anything. Scientists not interested or aware. BUT IRs are mushrooming – journal price pressure, university PR… BUT researchers effectively have access at present, so not interested, and worry as members of societies about cancellations.

NOTE: Is anyone else blogging this meeting? Because I don’t intend to act as a complete record – I have to write my talk :-). I use the tag “berlin5” – if there are others let’s converge now.

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