berlin5: Berlin 5 Open Access

I am delighted to have been asked to present on the topic of Open Data at “Berlin -5”.

The University of Padua, the CRUI (Council of Rectors of Italian Universities) and the Max Planck Gesellschaft are pleased to announce that the fifth conference in the “Berlin Declaration” tradition will take place in September 19-21, 2007 in Padua, Italy, with the title “Berlin 5 Open Access: From Practice to Impact: Consequences of Knowledge Dissemination”.The aim of the conference will be to bring together the various initiatives and key players within the Open Access movement in order to:
— maintain the enthusiasm of all people involved in the Open Access field,
— have an overview of the developing tools that sustain Open Access in scientific data and cultural heritage dissemination,
— develop the effective strategies that can contribute to the construction and implementation of this new paradigm of the scholarly communication world.
Further details are available on the conference website.
The general subjects of the conference will focus on:
a) state-of-the-art of the sharing of the Berlin Declaration vision: survey on the impact of the new paradigm in the institutions that signed the declaration; supporting bodies policies and activities in favour of innovative scholarly communication processes;
b) the Open Access scene in the developing countries and emerging economies: strategies, achievements, impact;
c) Open Access and the e-science: how to support the free circulation of scientific raw data to facilitate cooperation and effective reuse;
d) e-publishing: the emerging of new strategies in scientific data dissemination; estimate of the impact in OA journals: new tools for scholarly evaluation in the growing layer of Open Access publications; the perspective of a changing landscape in the scientific journals policies; progress reports on the transition from reader-pays to author-pays models;
e) ICT developments and collaborations that support e-publishing and Open Access.
Further details are available on the conference website.

It’s very useful to tag pre-conference posts so that attenders can get an idea of the issues. This works very well with ICT-conferences – zillions of posts on www2007, scifoo, etc. So I’m tagging this with berlin5 and suggest that anyone interested do the same. I will probably manage a few posts before the meeting and hope to report some back on this blog.

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