Corrigendum to earlier post on access to Blackwells/IUCr

Peter Strickland from the International Union of Crystallography (with whom we work closely) has explained the problem with the confusion between “BUY” and “open access” labels on IUCr content. [Post in full:]

Name: Peter Strickland | URI: | IP: | Date: July 16, 2007
Peter [MR] – the problem with the issue you tested was a technical
one with some articles being labelled “open access” that were
not intended to be (and that the access control system did handle
accordingly). Your blog was the first indication we had that this
problem existed, and we have subsequently fixed it. Note that the
journal (Section E) will become fully open access in 2008. Note
also that for the IUCr journals, it is the IUCr alone that sets
an open-access policy; you should not make any generalisations about
Blackwell from our journals alone. Thank you for highlighting the incorrect labelling.

Thanks very much PeterS and I apologize to you, IUCR and – on this issue – Blackwells.
I do what I can to be accurate and know that it is dangerous to draw too many conclusions from a small numner of observations.

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