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Christoph writes:
17:01 06/05/2007, Planet Blue Obelisk
After the shutdown of CUBIC, I’ve moved to Tuebingen to the Lehrstuhl of Andreas Zell as a guest lecturer.During the summer semester of 2007 I’m teaching the “Basics of Chemoinformatics”. In addition to that, the Zell group is a great place to learn something about evolutionary algorithms and machine learning. For the last years, this had been the research group where Joerg Wegener of JOELIB fame had been pursuing his PhD work.
This is great news Christoph. I have been very saddened by the shutdown of CUBIC – the five or so years there have done an enormous amount to catalyse and advance Open chemoinformatics. I had hesitated to blog about it in case I fouled up some political process. But I reiterate how important it has been. It’s worth pointing out how few chemoinformatics centres there are and especially how few that pick up on the explosion of Web 2.0. Yes, we have social computing, and yes you can do it from anywhere, but there needs to be some real-world glue. CDK doesn’t get built jsut by randomly distributed volunteers – it gets build by people who at leas don’t need to worry where their next day’s pay is coming from (I’ve been there and know what it feels like).
So does this allow you to continue things?
I note that several of the staff at Tuebingen including are called “Thomas Template”. Quite a coincidence 🙂
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