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Digital Curation 2006 in Glasgow

I am going to the 2nd International Digital Curation Conference Digital Data Curation in Practice 21-22 November 2006 Hilton Glasgow Hotel, Glasgow which will address different aspects of the curation lifecycle including managing repositories, educating data scientists and understanding the … Continue reading

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Community peer-review? In chemistry???

Why do scientists publish in scientific journals? Are they still necessary? This has been debated intensely in recent years, but the chemical blogosphere gives a recent twist to the subject. Even if you aren’t a chemist you should be able … Continue reading

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Premature Optimization

For many years I have believed (and still believe) in the following (quoted in Wikipedia) : Tony Hoare first said, and Donald Knuth famously repeated, “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” It is important to have sound algorithms … Continue reading

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Help! Where's the old Tenderbutton

I have enthused about Dylan’s chemistry blog, Tenderbutton. Unfortunately for us, he closed down about a month ago. But I thought I would always be able to read the archives – they are wonderful record of chemistry as it happens … Continue reading

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The War on Error

There’s been a lot of  excitement over Pete Lacey’s The S stands for Simple. This Socratic dialogue, which I blogged yesterday has shown the futility of the overengineered madness from the W3C committees. There are other similar postings, summarised in … Continue reading

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SOAP of the evening, beau…tiful SOAP

There are simple ways to do things on the web, and there are Simple ways. Jonathan Robie, a long-time member of XML-DEV found this… From: Jonathan Robie To: “xml- >> ‘XML Developers List’” Subject: [xml-dev] The S stands for Simple … Continue reading

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Information Barter

A comment to my post Negotiating Open Access – a mutual success resonates with me: # Rupak Chakravarty Says: November 17th, 2006 at 6:03 am e I believe, If we really want to knowledge driven open society, where business models … Continue reading

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(Chemical) Images in blogs

I am following up a post where I suggested we could provide a service for drawing molecules in blogs. One problem is how to incorporate them into the post. (I’m still working on this post, so don’t believe it all) … Continue reading

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God's golf club

The golf club problem was a throwaway – I didn’t expect it to have a long duration. I can’t resist the following plea and will give a formal answer (there is a much simpler way of doing it) Russ Says: … Continue reading

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Semantic Chemistry in Wikis and Blogs – a proposal

Joerg Wegner posts (Blogging chemistry means not blogging minable data) : As posted by Peter more and more chemists are blogging. And I would appreciate if those blogs would contain more chemical minable information. I think especially Rich and Egon … Continue reading

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