The War on Error

There’s been a lot of  excitement over Pete Lacey’s The S stands for Simple. This Socratic dialogue, which I blogged yesterday has shown the futility of the overengineered madness from the W3C committees. There are other similar postings, summarised in Bill de hÓra‘s blog:

The War On Error

Last March: REST wins, noone goes home.Well, it looks like we’re done. Which is worse, that everyone gets it now and we’ll have REST startups in Q207, or that it took half a decade?
It’s tempting be scathing. But nevermind, The Grid’s next.

So in the our Centre we shall be going 100% for RESTful chemistry – it’s just a pity we have wasted so much time.  I am interesed to see that the Grid is next! Certainly my own approach is that where we can use HTTP rather than Globus we should – at least in the initial stages. That’s not to say it isn’t without its uses – just that we haven’t needed it yet.

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