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Why getting information from publishers is soul-destroying

I’m reprinting parts of a post from Bill Hooker. The point here is not just the message, but also the meta-medium. To get the message Bill has had to do some messy, boring, unsatisfying, incomplete research. Here’s how he did … Continue reading

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Did I write this paper???

I just looked for one of my papers using Google (not Google Scholar) and found : (Click to enlarge) Hmm – don’t remember publishing something in “Cheminform” in  2005? I normally check who my co-authors are before they send a … Continue reading

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New free journal from Springer – but no Open Data

Peter Suber reports: New free journal from Springer Neuroethics is a new peer-reviewed journal from Springer.  Instead of using Springer’s Open Choice hybrid model, it will offer free online access to all its articles, at least for 2008 and 2009. … Continue reading

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