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Why ReadCube is DRMed and unacceptable for science.

My great collaborator Henry Rzepa has read the last post and delved into Macmillan’s ReadCube and found it to be totally flawed and unacceptable (/pmr/2014/12/03/natures-fauxpen-access-leaves-me-very-sad-and-very-angry/#comment-471649). Here’s Henry: I had a good look at ReadCube, the walled-garden container for articles that … Continue reading

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Nature's fauxpen access leaves me very sad and very angry.

Two days ago Nature/Macmillan (heareafter “Nature”) announced a new form of “access” (or better “barrier”) to scientific scholarship – “SciShare”. It’s utterly unacceptable in several ways and Michael Eisen, Ross Mounce (“beggars-access”) have castigated it; Glyn Moody gathers these and … Continue reading

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