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Here's a little joke for Friday but it has a serious message. Content mining could be useful if you have sufficient software

[2014-03-21] Content mining isn’t easy but it can be done by experts and this post will give another indication of the power. Here are two small chunks of English; each of them has something hidden which a natural language engine … Continue reading

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Gentle credit for Wiley's RightsLink page; pity they promote CC-NC

  I follow the #openaccess announcements on Twitter – to check licences, etc. Here’s one from Wiley and I’ve gone to the Rightslink page   Unlike Elsevier, where the Rightslink is often badly constructed, this is clear. It’s CC-BY, no … Continue reading

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Today at Elseviergate: Are Elsevier are dishonouring their contract with Wellcome Trust? "Open Access" behind paywall

The Wellcome Trust is one of the most valuable organisations in Open Access. It’s blazed a trail of clarity through the Open Access jungle. Very simply: WT require their grantees to publish Gold CC-BY Open Access They provide money to … Continue reading

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Confused by "Open Access"? Danny Kingsley + AOASG give excellent Australian overview of OA; but which OA is actually valuable?

If you are confused by “Open Access” you are in good company. So am I. It’s horrendous. Here Danny Kingsley and the  Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) have created an excellent series of blog posts on Open Access. They are … Continue reading

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Elsevier continues to missell open access and doesn't care. We need your stories. It's time to take action

You may be getting bored with my posts. I’m sorry but I am continuing to report injustice and that is never boring. Elsevier is still apparently behaving illegally and they don’t care. Here’s a story from today. Thanks to Sheffield … Continue reading

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University of Cambridge's model reply on Restrictions on content mining. Publishers refuse 50% of requests

    Here’s the university of Cambridge’s reply to my request about barriers to  content-mining imposed by publishers. It’s exactly what I had asked for. (It’s a pity that several other Universities decided it was too much effort.) See earlier … Continue reading

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Interim summary of FOI requests to Universities on Content Mining – I award "degrees"

Nearly 20 working days ago I FOI’ed 10 Russell group universities about their contracts and practices of content-mining and their relations with researchers and publishers. Over half have responded – the others have a day or two left. In summary … Continue reading

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I ask Julian Huppert and David Willetts to push Hargreaves TDM through and reject click-through licences

I have sent the following letter to my MP: Dear Julian LEGISLATION on EXCEPTIONS TO COPYRIGHT and PUBLISHER CLICK-THROUGH LICENCES Please copy this letter to David Willetts. I know you have been championing the Hargreaves reforms and note David Willetts’ … Continue reading

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BMJ's unacceptable use of CC licences: No sun beds!!

Lest you think this blog is solely concerned with bashing Elsevier, it tries to be impartial. Most of the time I get my targets from the puffing of publishers on Twiiter flaunting their “open access offerings” and it just happens … Continue reading

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Elsevier admits it has been mis-selling Open Access and will be contacting mis-sold customers

Elsevier’s Director of Access and Policy (was “Universal Access”) has commented on my blog posts. Dear Peter: We appreciate your concerns about this matter, and I can assure you that Elsevier is taking the issues you have raised seriously and … Continue reading

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