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The Scholarly Poor could lose access to scientific research; this is serious

I’ve already blogged about the proposed Bill in congress (HR 3699) but it is one of the most serious threats to scientific liberty. YOU must challenge this. I suspect you can only do this formally if you are a US … Continue reading

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Kitware’s Contribution to the OSTP RFI on publicly funded data: the “Open Source Way”

The US government (OSTP) has recently issued an RFI on Open Access to data resulting from publicly funded research.   The deadline for responding to the White House RFI on OA to US federally funded research has been extended to … Continue reading

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Panton Discussion #4: video of Iain Hrynaszkiewicz of BioMedCentral on Open Data, etc.

We have now edited and converted the Panton Discussion with IainH – it’s at The full video runs for 28 minutes, so we have given a TOC with start times if you want to jump to particular topics. In … Continue reading

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