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Mathematical Knowledge Management 2007

I have been invited to give a lecture at the Mathematical Knowledge Management 2007 meeting next week in Hagenberg, Austria. My talk is entitled Mathematics and scientific markup. I am both excited and apprehensive about this – what is a … Continue reading

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The NIHghts who say 'no' – to chemoinformatics

A recent post from The Sceptical Chymist: The NIHghts who say ‘no [1] The NIHghts who say ‘no’ Apologies to our international readers for the U.S.-centric post, but the National Institutes of Health announced earlier today that PAR-07-353, a grant … Continue reading

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Data and Institutional Repositories

One of the themes of ETD2007 was a strong emphasis on IR’s. Not surprising since they are topical and a natural place to put theses and dissertations. Almost everyone there – many from the Library and Information Services (LIS) community … Continue reading

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CML on ICE – towards Open chemical/scientific authoring

Because WWMM had outages my blogging is behind and I’d written a post on Peter Sefton’s ICE. Peter and I met at ETD2007 and immediately clicked. But WWMM went to sleep and I haven’t reposted. Peter has beaten me to … Continue reading

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Author Choice in Chemistry at ACS – and elsewhere?

A number of closed access journals/publishers have brought out “Author Choice” and similar approaches where authors pay publishers for “open access”. The details probably varies from publisher to publisher and I have been idly looking for examples in chemistry. It … Continue reading

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The power of the scientific eThesis

This is the summary of a presentation I am giving tomorrow at ETD2007 (run by Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. I’m blogging this as the simplest way of (a) reminding me what I am going to say and … Continue reading

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"open access" – some central questions

I am grateful for the recent correspondence from Peter Suber and Stevan Harnad as it helps me get my thoughts in order for ETD2007. In response to Stevan: Open Access: What Comes With the Territory, Peter has analysed the central … Continue reading

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Stevan Harnad on "open access"

Stevan Harnad – a tireless evangelist of OA – has replied to my points. He has been consistent in arguing the logic below and I agree with the logic. The problem is that few people believe that this allows us … Continue reading

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More on "open access"

I recently posted my concern about the use of “open access” as phrase which is sufficently broad to be confusing and Peter Suber has created a thoughtful and useful reply. I agree in detail with all his analysis and any … Continue reading

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More Open Thesis heroes

I have continued to try to find full OpenAccess theses and encountered considerable difficulty. The main problem is that universities and their repositories do not help readers to find theses with OpenAccess licenses and in many cases they do not … Continue reading

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