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The Mind Wobbles at Science Online

There’s hardly any need for me to blog the sessions at #solo09 because I’m sitting next to the author of The Mind Wobbles who’s typing at breakneck speed. There’s a full report at:

There’s also a lot of FriendFeed activity I find this more useful than Twitter as it’s threaded (and there’s transfer between the two).

Now we are contemplating What is a scientific paper? Four moderators; 2 spoken , 2 still to go. So far nothing world-shattering or even mind-wobbling or mid-teetering. .

Now Theo Bloom from PloS is saying it’s time for a radical overview. It”ll all be on The mind wobbles! So I’ll reserve comments for later. But I think I’ll be going to suggest that the panel isn’t going fair enough.

25% of authors can’t find one/any of the images (e.g. gels) that ther included in the paper. That’s a strong case for the sort of work we are doing in data capture with CLARION.

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