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What is civil disobedience?

I have already blogged about the Aaron Swartz case and civil disobedience . I expect to blog more as the case unfolds (assuming it is carried through) but this post id to clarify what I think are the prerequisites … Continue reading

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The benefits and limitations of Green Open Access

In a reply to my exposition of Green, Gold, Gratis and Libre, Steve Hitchcock comments:   Steve Hitchcock says: July 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm   Peter, In this blog post you say "Modern e-science requires documents over which the reader/user … Continue reading

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The ethics of “stealing” scientific articles and civil disobedience

I have been alerted to the following article in the Boston Globe about a Cambridge[Mass] Man who has been accused of "stealing" 4 million scientific articles. A Cambridge man [Swartz] who was a fellow at Harvard University's Edmond J. … Continue reading

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Green and Gold Open Access? Libre and Gratis. Reasons why readers and re-users matter

I have just been reading Peter Suber's latest SOAN (a monthly Open Access news ) and also his interview with Richard Poynder (short version contains pointers to full version). PeterS is, for many of us, the person who … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with scientific publishing? The challenges to ethical behaviour

Here's a comment from a blog some days ago which is so compelling I reproduce it in full. It needs little comment from me. Nuwan says: July 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm  I think scientific publications are a victim of … Continue reading

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MOTSI: What is a citation?

We are all now judged by citations? But what *IS* a citation? It's not easy to answer… and it may not be quite what you think. gives: Broadly, a citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source … Continue reading

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Journal review system: a reviewer’s perspective

Quite by chance I have just received an update of a review I did for [a gold open access scientific journal]. I omit all confidential info: Dear Dr. Murray-Rust, Thank you for your review of this manuscript.  The Editor has … Continue reading

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The destruction of semantic data: The PLoS community replies

I posted yesterday about an article in PLoS ONE where I criticized the author/editor/publisher for destroying semantic data. It has generated 11 replies and you should read them before this post so as to get all points of view. … Continue reading

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How to share data and how not to

I have been pointed to a paper in PLoSONE on Data sharing I haven't read the text but I am afraid I have to comment adversely on the way the data are presented. Because it illustrates a fundamental reason … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with scholarly publishing? The MOTSI

NOTE: You may find my allegory of "Monsters of the Id" as irrelevant to scholarly publishing. If so, skip this. But do not doubt that scholarly publishing needs changing – drastically and soon and that I, at least, am committed … Continue reading

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