Monthly Archives: August 2008

Recent developments

I have been offline for some time because a lot has been going on. As I mentioned earlier we have had 5 students over this summer and they have been phenomenal. Not that previous students - such as Joe Townsend - have't also been.  But in the last 2 months we have achieved a huge amount of software and systems development and I'll tell you about this later.

However it has kept me 100% occupied on software and I haven't had a chance to think about blogging or anything much else.

There are several things that I shall write about (see

  • The Chem4Word project where Microsoft and we are developing a chemical authoring system within the Office (and related) XML environments.
  • The Crystal editor that we have¬† been working on with sponsorship from the Int. Union of Crystallography and which Nick Day announced ar the Osaka IUCr meeting
  • A departmental data repository for crystallography
  • An ontology for chemical reactions (sponsorship from Royal Soc. Chemistry)

And there are upcoming meetings:

  • This week I am talking at the Ticer meeting on digital liraries in Tilburg
  • On Friday there is the Nature blogging meeting in London

So I have a full set of topics to cover. As I am in the process of changing machines and getting software ready for presentation I'll leave the details for a day or two.