Recent problems with network services

A failure of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) on Wednesday March 25th caused faults on a number of infrastructure machines. This affected most of the services that provide network access in Chemistry, although in most cases only for a short time as services were failed over to another server room. A few machines (bastion host, chembox) required extra repair work but these are now functioning normally. The UPS itself has also been repaired.
Some workstations failed to reconnect to services automatically and require a reboot, so if you’re still experiencing problems with managed workstations please try rebooting them.
In addition one of the fileserver machines providing services to a number of research groups (including Atmospherics, UCC, Theory, and Duer) has been suffering intermittent problems since Tuesday 24th March. Attempts to repair the machine in place were not successful and this service has now been moved onto different hardware.
We regret the inconvenience. If you are still experiencing problems with services in Chemistry please report them to

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