Remote webpage access

There are many websites that are only accessible from either a University or a Department IP address – for example, many journal websites, internal Departmental pages (such as those with .private. in the address). One method for accessing such pages is to use our OpenVPN service. However, you might not always want to use the OpenVPN service: perhaps you are using a public computer, or perhaps you only want to quickly look at one paper and don’t wish to connect to the VPN.
Therefore, we’ve recently launched a new service. You can use it by going to, and entering a website address into the box on the page. A server in the Department will then access the page on your behalf, and show you the webpage contents. If there are pages you access regularly, you can load them through the proxy server and then bookmark them in your web browser for later access. You can also create a bookmark by following the instructions on our website, which will let you reload any webpage you are currently viewing through our proxy server.

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