A tale of two lifts

We’re currently planning a major reorganisation of one of the two main server rooms in the department, and one of the first things we needed to do is put an additional rack into the room. We had a suitable spare rack already, so it was just a case of moving it from one end of the department to the other – and also from the 3rd floor down to the basement.

So obviously, we had to put it in one of the lifts. This one, in fact:

On the left is a picture of the lift door, taken on the third floor. On the right is the door for the same lift, but this time taken in the basement. They look pretty similar, and indeed you might even expect them to be identical – we certainly assumed that! However, there’s an important difference: the doorway on the right is a few millimetres shorter than the one on the left. Getting the rack through the lefthand doorway was tight but manageable. When we came to take the rack out in the basement, though, there wasn’t quite enough space and the rack got stuck.

Thankfully we had the toolbag with us, and were able to quickly remove enough bits of metal from the rack to let us get it out of the lift. The rack is now sitting happily in its new home, waiting for us to fill it with servers…

….and apologies to anyone who was wondering why the lift took longer than usual to arrive a few days ago!

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