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The word “buffering” often appears when watching an online video – the display pauses for a bit while the next bunch of data downloads and then the cute kittens start moving again. In this example, “buffering” is the process of … Continue reading

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(lack of) Documentation for simple things

We don’t usually post technical stuff here – this post has more technical content than most – but I’ve been bothered this week by a complete absence of documentation for doing what ought to be a simple task. When reinstalling … Continue reading

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Machine management in academia

Looking around the web, I’ve been struck by the different techniques of managing machines used. Most folks have a machine they look after – their own laptop perhaps – and there’s a lot of information out there to help. How … Continue reading

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Sleep talking

Do you talk in your sleep? It’s been a busy week and about 5pm tonight, we were finishing off bouncing some ideas round and contemplating going to the welcome party for new students. Then the new fileserver dropped offline. Completely. … Continue reading

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