Network cable installation

We’re in the midst of refurbishing one of our server rooms, and as part of this we’re installing many network cables. If you didn’t know, network cables have eight wires inside them, and these are twisted into four pairs. So in order to connect the wires on to the panel you have to untwist an awful lot of wires. If you’ve ever suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll know that one needs to be very careful when performing repetitive motions with one’s hands and wrists.
We wanted a tool that was small (because it has to be used in fairly close quarters), and which we could use to grip and untwist small wires (preferably not metal, because that could risk damaging the plastic insulation). After a little searching, we found the ideal tool to help with this task:
It’s too early for snow in Cambridge yet, but we were willing to overlook that given just how much easier the small snowman makes installing all of these network cables!

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