VPN for iPhone and iPad

The department of Chemistry has a popular VPN service which uses software called OpenVPN. VPN is a service that allows you to log into the department network from anywhere on the Internet and then appear to the network as if you are in the department, behind our firewall.
Until recently there was a gap in our VPN provision because there was no OpenVPN client available for iOS. iPhones and iPads are popular around here so this wasn’t very satisfactory. We’d even started working on providing a second, completely different, VPN package to provide a service for them. This wasn’t the best solution: we already have one legacy VPN service and running three different services is very confusing for everyone. We were therefore very pleased when an OpenVPN iOS client was released in the App Store in February. The COs have prepared a configuration file and instructions for it which are available at http://www-co.ch.cam.ac.uk/facilities/vpn/ios-openvpn.html. So if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, please give it a go.

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