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caltech: (talk on) the power of the scientific e-thesis

Many thanks to Eric Van de Velde and colleagues for inviting me to Caltech to give a talk on the scientific e-thesis. Besides being excited about going to Caltech, I am delighted that they wished to record the presentation. (I … Continue reading

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scifoo: data-driven science and storage

I managed to get out to a few sessions at scifoo not concerned with my immediate concerns, of which two were on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and Google's abiility and willingness to manage scientific data. They come together because … Continue reading

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scifoo: Open Science

One of the themes at scifoo was "Open Science" or "Open Notebook Science" - the latter term coined by Jean-Claude Bradley. The idea that science is publicly recorded as it is done. The very first bottom-up session (i.e. Saturday morning) … Continue reading

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scifoo: young scientists and the culture of fear

On the last day, and as an inspiration from the previous sessions and the community atmosphere of the meeting, Andrew Walkingshaw and Alex Palazzo ran a session on the problems of being a postdoc under the pressure of having to … Continue reading

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scifoo: blogsession

As I've mentioned at scifoo the programme was evolved by the participants in a first-come first-accepted process whereby we signed up for free slots. It was hardly surprising that the blogosphere gained a slot and on Sunday we found a … Continue reading

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